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Roto Champ

GENIUS - Roto Champ

Der vielseitige K├╝chenhelfer Roto Champ aus dem Hause Genius reibt, raspelt und schneidet Ihre Zutaten im Handumdrehen -- ohne Kraftaufwand und ohne Strom!

With the touch of a button, this automatic hands-free or handheld gadget grates a wide variety of food and cheese into container

* 1 x Multi-function cover

* 1 x picnic cover

* 1 x combo cutlery

* 1 x Cool Pack with holder

* 2 x dressing container with 1 Lid

* 1 x transparent bowl, large

* 1 x purple disc for coarse friction results and juliennes

* 1 red washer for MID-friction results and juliennes

* 1 x yellow disc for very fine friction results

* 1 x dark blue disc for extra fine friction results

* 1 x dark green disc for thick slices

* 1 x storage box

* 1 x savings peeler

* including recipe booklet

Roto Champ